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I take a lot of pride in what I do, and hearing feedback from my clients definitely makes the work worth it!  

"Adam was an amazing photographer to work with and I'm glad we had found him to shoot our engagement pictures and wedding. He was able to keep up with our energetic and large group! He is laid back and flexible and made the process so much easier. He had lots of creative ideas for different types of photos and fun poses and they all turned out beautiful! Thank you for shooting our special day! A 5 star photographer" - Brianna 

"Amazing! Highly recommend! We loved working with Adam! His photographs are absolutely amazing and he is just so wonderful to work with! My husband *hates* getting his picture taken and even he enjoyed working with Adam. I received so many compliments on our engagement photos, and the wedding photos we have so far (he had some uploaded day of for both engagement and wedding photos) are amazing. Overall just a lot of fun and a joy to work with. Highly recommend to anyone." Deanna 

"Adam was absolutely amazing for our Wedding photos!! He was fun to work with and always went the extra mile for us! The pictures he took were breath taking and he captured the joy that we were all feeling that day! He did an amazing job with coming up with ideas for photos and also putting up with all of our own crazy ideas. Thank you so much for everything Adam, and for making me cry when scrolling through all the photos for the first time!! You're the best! Can't thank you enough for capturing our day the way you did!" - Bailey

"5 million Stars! We got incredibly lucky when we found Adam and he was able to shoot our wedding in Brule, WI. I was impressed with his previous work so I knew he would be amazing and I was not wrong! Adam was so professional and easygoing. He let us take him out into fields for the perfect shots and he gave us great ideas for poses on the fly. He has a knack for capturing the perfect lighting, texture, and facial expression. I will cherish these photos forever! Thank you Adam!! You are a gem!! 💎" Stephanie 

"Better later than never! But we loved working with Adam before, during, and after our wedding in March of this year! He was flexible to work with, a trooper in taking outdoor photos even though it was freezing, and definitely produced quality work at an affordable price! We really appreciate all the hard and careful work he put into capturing our special day!" Cassie

"Adam did such an amazing job capturing our outside winter wedding - the photos are gorgeous and we could not be more pleased. He was quick to capture photos of our kids, family and friends in the 9 degree weather, and was fun to work with." Julia

"Adam photographed our daughter's outdoor winter wedding held in the park bordering the Chippewa River in Chippewa Falls, WI. It was a cold, snowy afternoon and he beautifully captured the spirit and joy of the celebration!" Sally

"Adam was fantastic and I am a photographer so I am super picky about stuff! He just took photos of my wedding over the weekend and he went above and beyond for us!! Please check him out and use him as a photographer! He is very worth it and so easy going and I just looooved that!! Thank you Adam!!!" - Ashley

"This review is much later than it should be. My Daughter asked me to write this when she was married in June. And I agreed - But somehow now it’s November and I still haven’t written it. So let’s agree that’s because I was busy, and not because I kept forgetting. I mean I could have started back then but it’s just taken me this long to find the right words because I wanted it to be... ...Ahem. As I was saying, I remember when my Daughter asked me to write this, and I sat down that very night to get my thoughts on paper. Emotions were still high, and I couldn’t bring myself to write without breaking down at the thought of how beautiful my Daughter was. Day after day I tried until finally, through the tears, I managed to get through writing this brief review in honor of her special day. You’re welcome people. You are welcome. Anyway - I wanted to write this review for Adam Smith. Adam did the photography for my Daughter’s wedding. And I was nervous, because I know a little about photography. But then - EVERYONE knows a little about photography. It’s not like surgery. You don’t look up from the table and say ‘Using the scalpel, huh? Good call. I have a scalpel myself. Bought it off Amazon’. But somehow, we all think we know how to be photographers. ‘Shooting with the sun behind you... Nice... That’s what I’d do.’, ‘What kind of lens is that? Yeah, Mine’s longer.’, ‘How many ISO did your camera come with?’ But it works both ways - some photographers can be very ‘I’m gonna take everything in black and white - and not include any eyes, because I think that makes a statement about how we don’t really KNOW each other at Wedding receptions...’. Adam was not that guy. He arrived in plenty of time, and coped admirably with the small amount of rain we had. He worked the crowd and got pictures of everyone, and had no problem with me following behind with my cheap camera and taking low-rent versions of the same shot. But I think most important in a Photographer is someone who has an eye for the shot that no-one else sees. We were halfway through the reception when Adam shouted ‘THERE’S A RAINBOW!’, and ran outside. I thought ‘Wow. That guy REALLY likes rainbows.’ Then I realized. He was outside getting spectacular pictures of the bride and groom alongside the rainbow - and there were so many other examples of the same. Usually, when I see hundreds of pictures from a Wedding - there’s a handful worth keeping. In this case, nearly all of them were perfect. In fairness, that’s to be expected of the ones my Daughter was in - because she was born perfect - but for some of the other people it must have taken a TON of talent to make them look good. (No, of course, not you. I’m talking about the other person. You know... Yeah. Someone else. Definitely not you). In short - Adam took one of the most challenging jobs at a Wedding and made it look simple. And successfully so. Each and every picture brings back a fond memory. And I don’t think there’s any way I can repay that. ...Except for a Facebook review. That should do it. I wrote this on an iPad and now my thumbs are killing me. So I think we’re evens. I’m short - Use Adam. He’s great. Rain, or shine." - Mike 

"Just had Adam do the photos for our wedding. Excellent work. We were struggling to find someone we liked that was within our budget, and Adam fit the bill to a T, his work rivals that of more expensive options and he is a likable guy besides. If you are looking for quality work, at an affordable price give Adam a call. You won't be disappointed." - Aaron

"Adam did a great job on our engagement photos! I'm looking forward to him shooting our wedding." - Lonna

"Our daughter and son in law recently had Adam Smith Photography take their wedding pictures and he is amazing! He did an awesome job, was very easy to work with, had great ideas, took many photos and a great variety, very flexible, and stayed for many hours getting the entire day. :) You will not be disappointed so please check him out! :)" - Cindy

"We could not have asked for a better photographer on our wedding day. Adam came with plenty of ideas and a positive attitude despite the very cold weather. :) We would recommend him to anyone!" - Chelsea

"We had Adam do our wedding. The pictures couldn't have turned out better! Low light, action pictures, everything about the pictures was absolutely perfect. Highly highly highly recommended!" - Brad

"He is awesome to work with and produces amazing pictures!!! Can't wait to do our wedding pictures with him!" - Katie

"Amazing!!! Adam was great. He showed up on time and took many amazing pictures. He brought great ideas along with him to help make our wedding day special!" - Barbara 

"We asked Adam to do some engagement photos for my now wife and I and we loved how they came out. We had seen a lot of his photography from all of the places he had traveled and loved them and asked if he would be interested in shooting us. He was relatively new to engagement photography but did a great job and set every thing up terrificly. Would definitely recommend him to others." - Johnatha

"Adam was wonderful to work with. He made it fun for our boys. My boys said, "He was one cool dude!" Most importantly he was able to capture "that smile and personality" of each one that I often try hard myself to capture. Thanks Adam!!" - Mandy

"We asked Adam to photograph our daughter's 1 year session. Having known Adam for many years we had full confidence in letting his vision lead the day. He picked beautiful outdoor venues and was able to scope the area to find the perfect locations utilizing the best backgrounds, natural props and best lighting. He treated our daughter as the true client and played with her and engaged her to capture the best shot. It was amazing to watch him lay on the ground or jump into the wildlife. Adam will position himself anywhere. Our daughter had a great time and the final product was beyond our expectations. You will not regret using Adam Smith Photography for your next life event. Capturing the next season in your life is something that should be cherished, and you can trust it will be as equally important to Adam that it's captured perfectly." - Kaytlin

"Adam did a great job. I needed photos of a commercial property that we were taking to market and the turn around time needed to be quick. He got out there and got it done. Pictures looked great!" - Bill

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